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An entrepreneur should be able to recognise a gap in the market. We feel the name of the product to fill that gap is Gwipes.

Most consumers acknowledge the fact that promotional wet wipes provide a unique way of communication since they offer an abundance of advertising choices, that is to say first of all, that the consumer is unlikely to dispose of them until they are used, secondly they are distributed hand to hand and finally they have a great many purposes such as gift bag marketing, in-store promotions, street handouts, trade show giveaways and conference giveaways.

What is more, personalised wet wipes offer a unique way of upgrading the services offered to your customers by your business. At the same time, it is a great way to advertise your own business since it is a very clever tool to promote your work.

The wet wipe offers coolness and cleanliness in tandem with taking care of the skin, allowing the customer to associate a pleasant personal experience with your business.

It should be pointed out that wet wipes are available in a variety of fragrances and pre-printed designs; nonetheless Gwipes also offers a coloured print of your business logo in the form of a picture.


If you wish to use Gwipes promotional wet wipes, fill in the following communication form.

"Create conditions of absolute satisfaction and pleasure to your customers."


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